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The importance of soul guidance

What is the importance of soul guidance?  Why do I help people with this and in the way that I do? Why does it matter?

Soul guidance means you’re in charge of your own life. Your essential self, your soul, is the one living and handling your life.  You are the creator rather than the responder, able to make your own choices and expressing your own truth and values and as a result having a much more enriching, fulfilling and purposeful life.

In my soul guidance sessions I have lots of modalities, tools, skills that I can bring to the table – coaching, energy healing, tarot cards, emotional connection, crystal singing bowls.  Yet no two sessions are ever the same. I also work one on one with people and don’t have any online courses. Why? Because I realised that what matters to me is putting you in charge of your life.  Giving you the awarenesses and skills you need on a practical, every-day basis.

Through my own life experience I’ve realised that there are so many different teachers, courses, books, systems, modalities, methods that even if I invested in them 24/7 I could spend a life-time simply gathering more knowledge and information without necessarily seeing any benefit in my life because I’ve been reading and listening but not having the ability to put any of it into practice in my life.

And if I believe than any one person or thing is the answer then I am dependent on them as the source of my happiness, well-being and success.  Yet not everything “works” for everyone and sometimes it’s a combination of things that lead to a break-through. Yet the one thing that continues is the truth about ourselves. Coming to know our true self and seeing ourself as the source and the creator means that all the people and things that we connect with to help us in our life then are merely channels or resources rather than the source. So if one thing doesn’t “work” or ends or disappears then it’s not the end of the world. There’s something else to be discovered. As the teacher, the coach, the healer, the intuitive, whatever label you give, I’m not the one creating the change for you. I’m a channel or facilitator only. The power lies with you.

When we know our own true essence and inner power we’re better able to handle whatever comes our way in life. We feel calmer and more confident about whatever’s happening and not at the mercy of outside forces or people.

Endless seeking, trying, working really hard to change things, handling challenging emotions and situations can be exhausting.  It can feel like relentless pressure.  And all you really want to do is be yourself, feel happy, know that everything will ultimately be ok, enjoy your life, feel a sense of connection and purpose.

I help you to be able to just live your life – but in a gentler, easier, less struggling way, in love and strength and cutting out the noise and strife

My super-powers, strengths, abilities include gentleness, kindness, clear sight – which includes being able to see something really clearly and condense it into simplicity, encouragement, seeing through to the truth of who you are and helping you to see her/him too.

That’s why I work one on one with you and help you to find and see that inner you.  Be able to access your own soul guidance. Give you practical easy to use tools that you can use everyday.  Help you with how your energy works and how to manage it. Give you insights, perceptions that can change things for you for the better. Walk alongside you, wherever you happen to be at, so you can see the next step as well as the bigger picture and know that you’re not alone. So no matter what you encounter you have the ability to handle it. Know you can find that inner-peace, the clarity and the direction you seek.

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