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Weekly oracle card guidance 26th August

The weekly oracle card guidance for this week beginning 26th August comes from the ‘Enchanted Map‘ deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The card is:

free weekly oracle card guidance readings“Rescue”

You may be feeling a bit alone and isolated at the moment.

It may feel like you’ve been abandoned and have no support.

It’s as though you’re feeling cut off from the familiar – from everything that you’ve used to feel safe, to define yourself. So it may be that you’re experiencing difficulties in a relationship or it may have ended. You might have lost your job or your business has come to an end. Perhaps illness or injury is forcing changes into your life. Whatever you’ve come to depend on is falling away or undergoing changes.

It’s like the ground is shifting beneath your feet and you can no longer be sure of anything. You’re having to re-examine and re-define.

So how do you handle things? Firstly, take a moment and check if in this moment your most basic needs for food and shelter are being met. If so then acknowledge this. At some level you are ok. Know too that any ‘rescue’ is a channel and not the source. So whatever help and assistance you receive it is you that is instigating it.

You are more powerful than you may currently believe. You may feel a bit powerless, a bit helpless, like you need someone else to come and rescue you.  But you can rescue you. It’s ok to need help. It’s ok to have the support and assistance of others. But recognise that the real help is coming from you. Your true self can always take care of you, can always take care of all your needs. It’s not so much being rescued as knowing that you’re taking care of you and that you’re summoning all you need to you.

Your power lies within you. Knowing that you’re a creator and always safe and all your needs are always met. Once you acknowledge that source of strength then things line up in the external for you and the next step forward is made visible.

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