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Weekly oracle card reading 12th August

The weekly oracle card reading and guidance for this week comes from Colette Baron Reid’s ‘Wisdom of the Oracle‘ deck. The card I drew is:

free weekly oracle card reading“A Change in the Wind”

Things are changing for you. It’s like the ground has shifted. The change may not currently be to your liking. Indeed, things may feel a bit uncertain, rather shaky. You might feel like things are happening to you and not being instigated by you. And yet, if you look deeper, beneath the surface you will see that the things that are occurring may just very well be in response to desires you’ve held in your heart.

The change is needed. It may not be happening quite as you’d like. After all, we all prefer “good” change, in the sense that we prefer to see things happening as we’d like and going in a consistently happy direction rather than anything we perceive as “bad” or undesirable. Yet if you look closely, maybe this is the exact thing that you needed. The exact way that you will get to where you need to be.

If you’re currently experiencing change and it feels to be challenging for you then look beneath the surface. What emotions, what thoughts, what beliefs are coming up for you? Is there a message in all this for you. If you truly believed that everything ultimately is working in your favour and happening for your good (it is!) then what might this be about, what might it be leading to?

You may have set your sights on one thing and then another happens. You may find yourself taking a different direction to the one you’d anticipated. It may feel like things simply aren’t in your control. You’re not able to direct things as you’d like.

Don’t let yourself get buffeted by the winds. Connect to your inner self and that place of peace and stillness within. Check in often. Use that inner guidance as your compass. Trust that the change that’s happening is for your highest good. Ask to be shown and guided clearly. And you will be.

The old is being cleared out to make room for the new. The direction you’re going in is leading to greater fulfillment, letting more of the true you shine forth. You’re undergoing inner transformations, inner realisations, light bulb moments and your outer circumstances are also re-arranging themselves. No matter how uncertain it may feel right now expect the best. Expect to be led in a new direction. Believe in the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

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