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Weekly tarot reading 7th October

The weekly tarot reading for 7th October to 13th October comes from the Everyday Witch tarot deck.

The card is: "Death"

Time to let go.

In order to bring in the new you need to let go of the old. You may been feeling reluctant or scared to do so. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of what's familiar, even if we're not happy.

Unless things are totally intolerable we sometimes stay long beyond the moment we feel we need to move on. For many reasons.

Yet change is needed. You need to close the door before you can open the next one. As long as the existing door remains open then your energies are going to that and you're not fully free to put your energies into anything new.

Recognise when it's time for you to let go. See what's no longer working for you, what's clouding the joy in your heart. Examine those beliefs that you hold, those thoughts and see if they're really true for you.

This is a time of transformation for you. A time of new possibilities. But you have to choose. You have to decide if you want things to remain the same or if you want things to be different.

It may feel hard to do but is that because you're looking more at what you're leaving behind rather than on what lies ahead? To help you look at how you feel right now. Then look at the next step that you can take. It may be a small decision that you need to make, rather than a big one. It could be saying no to something that weighs heavily on you or it could be saying yes to something that you'd love to do.

Just know that when something ends it can be the gateway to many blessings.

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"Everyday Witch Tarot" by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.All rights reserved, used by permission

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