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what are tarot readings all about

What are tarot readings all about?

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What are tarot readings all about?

There can be some confusion about what tarot readings actually do, what psychic readings are, what intuitive readings are.

I use tarot as a tool of insight. To help you get in touch with your inner guidance, the wisdom and direction of your soul. To provide insight, clarity and validation.

I don’t give predictive readings.

I’ve worked on a psychic “hot-line” where clients either call you or contact you to chat online and the vast majority want a prediction, want to know for sure what’s going to happen and when.  Wanting to know exactly what he or she is thinking, who they’re seeing, what they’re doing and when will they get back together. Wanting to know if they will get the promotion, what their boss is going to say to them, should they move overseas and are they going to get pregnant.

I cannot help with those sorts of questions.  I also don’t believe that predictive readings are actually helpful for many reasons.

Firstly, do you know anyone who is 100% accurate? I don’t. And just suppose, someone gave predictions and it was measured and they were 90% accurate. What if what they said to you about some important issue in your life was the 10% inaccurate? And you’d taken what they said as absolute certainty.

And just supposing that you wanted to know about meeting your soulmate, the love of your life and really really wanted to know their name, their hair colour, height etc. So you learnt their name was Mark or Margaret and so off you went and started looking for Mark or Margaret. You met someone who wasn’t Mark or Margaret and so dismissed, discounted them and weren’t interested in developing a friendship or getting to know them. And just supposing that the person you had met was the person who was going to introduce you to Mark or Margaret?!?! And you’re told they have black hair, because right now they do have black hair but you meet them 3 weeks later and they’ve dyed it or shaved it all off.  You get the idea.

So a predictive reading in this case would have been very dis-empowering and could cause your life to start panning out in a way you don’t actually want.

I don’t believe that the future is set in stone. We have free-will. So especially if you’re asking in a reading about someone else you have to bear in mind that the future depends on actions and choices that each of you make.

So what’s the point of having a tarot reading, you might be asking now?

I believe the beauty and power of a tarot reading is in helping you to access your own inner intuition. To help you see things from a different perspective. To be able to highlight and illuminate any blocks that you just can’t see because you’re too close to it and may have been going over and over things in your mind so much that you’re simply not able to hear your intuition by yourself right now.

It can throw up insights about choices you have to make that could show you something new or “simply” validate what you’re already sensing. I say “simply” because validation is extremely helpful. Having confirmation about what you’re feeling can be very reassuring.

When you come to a tarot reading it’s likely because you want to know if you’re doing the right thing, not about to make some huge monumental mistake! 🙂 wanting a second opinion. Wondering what’s causing you to hesitate over something, wondering what’s really going on, is there something under the surface that you’re missing. What’s causing you uncertainty and how can you resolve it.

With an intuitive tarot reader you can look at what next step to take that’s right for you.  It may be you’re moving into a job or a relationship that right now feels like absolutely the right thing for you but 3 months down the line it turns out to be really challenging and throwing up all sorts of issues for you. Does that mean that you made the wrong choice? Does that mean the tarot reading was “wrong” and gave wrong guidance? No. Just because a job or relationship has challenges and difficulties doesn’t make it wrong or a mistake. It could be that your inner guidance knew that was exactly what you needed. Exactly what was most helpful for you and in fact, the only or best way to achieve what’s actually most beneficial in the long run for you. There may be something you need to know that only that situation can provide. It could be the essential stepping stone to the next thing.

So when I do intuitive tarot readings I direct my clients inwards. Help them to access and have trust in their own inner wisdom and guidance. To have faith and confidence in themselves. I believe that readings should help you in keeping your own power and indeed, strengthening it. I’m simply there to assist you on your way for a while so you’re better able to connect with your own soul, understand what’s going on, how to deal with and the next best step you can take.

“Everyday Witch Tarot” by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.All rights reserved, used by permission

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