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When things fall apart it can feel like your whole world’s collapsing.

Everything familiar starts to crumble or it even vanishes in an instant.

It can feel scary. Extremely unpleasant. Unsafe. You get that knot in your stomach, tightness in the shoulders, not able to eat or sleep properly. Feeling anxious, tense, mind on over-drive and hard to relax and do things you’d normally enjoy.

Your mind frantically tries to “fix” things and get out of this mess!

But what if when things fall apart it’s not actually a problem? What if actually it’s seeding something new?

Perhaps you’ve lost your job or a relationship has ended or you’re having to leave your home or you’ve got a health issues or financial worries. On the surface it does indeed feel like things are falling apart. But what if this was the only way to move you forward? What if it was actually serving you and helping you and there was no other way to do it?

In your heart of hearts you may be ready for more abundance, more peace, joy, freedom, expressing more of you and it’s time for that to spring forth.

What I’ve found is that when I desire something in my life – such as peace, for example, then everything that is not peace begins to show up. I believe it shows up to clear away. So that I can look at it and release all that’s been blocking peace and also so that I can see how I respond in situations that’s different to how I’d have responded previously.

It could well be that whatever it is that feels to be falling apart for you needs to go so that other options can become available. For example, you may have been wanting a more fulfilling job but been afraid to really go after it because your current one gives you financial stability or is close to home or you like the people you work with even if you don’t much like the job. And whilst you’re tied to that job then you’re not going to look for any other possibility and may discount anything that comes your way. So then when you lose your job you have no choice. You have to look for something new.

A new door can’t fully open if the one you’re behind is fully closed.

When things feel like they’re falling apart you’re also more likely to look within yourself for guidance and help. The rest of the time the mind, the ego, the personality self, however you refer to it, is quite happily directing your life and you may not connect much with your soul or higher self. When you can’t sort things then you look for assistance. Which is always there.

So when things fall apart for you, see if it helps to remember that within the situation something new is waiting to emerge. Life really isn’t out to punish you or make you suffer or have difficulties. It’s all there ultimately for you.  The trick is to dig deep inside and be open to discovering what it’s all about.

This you can do by yourself or sometimes you may need assistance from those around you. Not to tell you what to do or give you their version of what’s happening but to support you and hold nurturing space for you and the bigger picture to help you in discovering your own meaning and way forwards.


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